• Date Plan A September 8th  Plan B September 7th 2019 to September 13th 2019
  • Destination Tozer Bush Camp Bremer Bay then Waychinicup Plan B includes Peak Charles leaving a day earlier Peak Charles is 650 Km from Perth so an early start say 7:30 at Brookton 
  • Accomodation :Camping
  • Costs. Camping costs 
  • Distance Plan A 1149 Km round trip Plan B 1779km Round trip
  • Assembly  TBA
  • Suits both 4wd and 2wd sedans 
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Saturday drive to Peak Charles East of Lake King Then Bremer Bay on Sunday on to spent all of Monday and Tuesday at Tozers Drive to Waychinicup on Wednesday, drive home on Thursday. Waychinicup is first come first served Cheynes Beach has a park if we are unable to get into Waychinicup those who wish could go to Granite Skywalk on their way home  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63SgKkMoaOc

So 7th September 1 night at Peak Charles....8th and 9th September 2 Nights at Tozer Bush Camp....10th September I night at Waychinicup and 11th September 1 night near the Skywalk or you can go straight home after the Skywalk  Ric and Ailsa will probably go on and stay at friends.

The Distance from Perth to Lake King is 455 km then Gravel (Could be rough) around 200km to Peak Charles.  To Bremer Bay we would go via Grass Patch then possibly Gravel Roads to Cascades and Ravensthorpe  It will be bitumen from Ravensthorpe to Bremer Bay. it is abour 500 km from Peak Charles to Bremer Bay

 Tozer 1


 Tozer 2

Queen of Sheba at Tozer



                                                       PLAN A                                                                                                                          PLAN B